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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fatal Four Victory?

Judging by the Tweet below, its seems we now have a Fatal 5  Image result for fatal 5

You may already know that I have been challenging Fatal 4 for some time as 'speeding' actually cannot cause anything; let alone a road accident.

I was also concerned that accident causes such as careless and dangerous driving were excluded and so there should be a Fatal 5 that didn't include 'speeding' See our work here and also how I was accused of being vexatious and oppressive for making a complaint about this with the police.

I have still had no response from the NPCC or any appreciation for my concern expressed to them in this open letter 

And here is our original appeal to the Fire Service Also not even answered or acknowledged by them. 
Dave Webb

But now see this police Tweet:

The most significant change is that 'speeding' has been dropped entirely and none of the five instructions claim to be 'fatal' since they are now merely instructions.

So I have been correct all along. 'Speeding' should never have been included in the Fatal 4 since, being false, it undermined the initiative. This Fatal 5 is much more acceptable now that 'speeding' has been dropped.

Any formal thanks from the authorities? Any apology for the nasty labels that North Yorks Police tied to me?

How about the authorities confessing that 'speeding' causes nothing? 

Well it all depends how sincere they are about genuine road safety doesn't it? Let's see. 

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