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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Twitter Trolls need not apply.

Want to discuss our tweets?

Here's the place.

What a superb medium Twitter is for any organisation to spread its messages and news. But it attracts every type of individual who think it is a message board, blog, or even like facebook. It isn't any of these. Nor is it intended to be a discussion forum. If it were, contributors wouldn't be confined to a mere 140 characters would they?

The simple fact is that it's not possible to do justice to a complex issue in 140 characters and it isn't wise to try to do that.

Twitter however does attract the trolls who's only aim is to taunt, ridicule, abuse and bully; usually hiding behind a pseudonym whilst telling blatant lies too.

The trolls love twitter because they can show off to all their pals whilst contributing nothing adult to any debate, wasting valuable time and in road safety matters, that can cost lives.

One of their strategies is to demand proof and evidence for any fact or conclusion which may reasonably be drawn from actual events. For example: The statement that the faster a cyclist rides the more severe their injury and less chance to avoid an accident  is not challenged by trolls, who will not admit it's correct either but instead they demand evidence of it.  Apart from avoiding a truth, this tactic is common and a diversion from a serious truth as it affects what should be advised whilst making the troll seem intelligent. So in this case avoiding that cyclists actions are a factor in their accidents. That is just one example of an easily recognised but dangerous tactic of trolls. 

The best place to debate any issue is on a blog. One of the disadvantages of Twitter is that a new follower has no idea what has already been answered at length; often repeatedly. Trolls don't like Blog because they don't get an audience unless they are sensible and behave and they find it impossible to do either. In other words only genuine queries need apply.

So this page is dedicated to genuine query and comment on all matters driving and road safety. Some will be published for all to see and some wont.