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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Carlton Reid & Anti Driver Brigade salivate over silly girl.

At last the anti Driver Brigade, led by such luminaries as the very anti driver cycling campaigner Carlton Reid, think they've found a real live genuine cycling hating killer in young Emma May who stupidly tweeted that she had knocked someone off their bike, adding 'she has right of way, they don't pay bloody road tax' and then 'Bloody Cyclists' 
Carlton Reid

We hold no mandate for such conduct or tweets but just let's look at the anti driver background to all this.
For some time a Twitter account styled Cycling Hatred has been posting supposedly genuine tweets from cycle haters containing anti cycling comment, abuse and threats. Of course Reid and his fellow travellers promote this as evidence of driver hatred toward cyclists on the basis that it must be drivers and if it is, the content is for real. Never mind that the evidence out on the road, no-one seems to be deliberately aiming at cyclists and murdering them either, is totally at odds with all this. But I can verify, and there is some of it on these pages, that hatred toward drivers is real, very dishonest and sly to the extent that yes The Cycle Lobby are very capable of inventing most of this bile for official consumption.

So back to Emma. Well she was tracked down immediately by the Spandex Taliban, her tweet forwarded to the local Plod, her company informed-she's now under investigation even though tweeting in a private capacity- her actions and picture went viral, and only after all that, did cyclists come forward and report an incident to police. Well of course that she was a blond was already in the public domain so yes the suspect was blond but how coincidental that her registration number wasn't in the public domain and so these cyclists didn't know it either nor the colour and make of car either seemingly! But she is already condemned world wide by driver haters and yet no-one has actually tied her to the alleged incident yet. Her twitter may have been as untrue as most of the other rants are.

Reid needs to understand the laws of libel since until charges & trial all this is still alleged and not proven.

Drivers we must make sure that Norwich Police are aware of all this and investigate fully and prove that this incident was real and if it were, that it was definitely Emma. If so, we have no sympathy for her but if this is another Pleb Gate style put up job then let's have the cyclists on the rack. One or the other please.