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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Brexit . Will Conservatives grasp the nettle?

Bless UKIP, Nigel Farage and all their MEPs past and present who have courageously withstood abuse and ridicule, not only at the EU, but here too from the Conservatives, Labour, Lib/Dems and SNP  

Without them, we would never have had the Brexit Referendum. They have stood at all types of local and parliamentary elections to promote their cause and to show the discontent in Britain for the bureaucracy of the EU. 

They have almost achieved their objective and when it is secured, they need no longer continue as a political party. Why should they wish to? All they need to do now is to ensure that the will of the people is upheld and to Britain's best advantage.

If they continue to campaign in elections, they stand a chance of ruining the very object that they suffered for for all those long years. The fact remains that they only have one MP and even he is at odds with the UKIP Leadership.

Already we are hearing from Jeremy Hunt, and Tim Farron their aims to reverse the vote and take us back into the EU. There is no doubt that Labour, Lib/Dems and SNP would do so too.

Our only real hope is that the Conservative Party will grab the reigns, outmaneuver the others, pledge support for unity, democracy and to make project Brexit work. Already David Cameron supports that position. This could be a massive coup for the Conservatives if only they can seize the moment.

This may sound tough on UKIP, but why should it be if all they wanted was freedom from the EU shackles? This is far too important for personal aggrandisement. The nation must come first. It would be dangerous to oppose the Conservatives at Parliamentary Elections, if they have committed to Brexit, if the only result gets anti Brexit Parties back into power.  

The Conservatives should only elect a pro Brexit leadership and install pro Brexit civil servants to take us out of the EU on the most favourable terms and time frame for the UK. Anything else would be an insult to the Referendum. Nothing would ensure a continued UKIP opposition more, at elections, than a lack of commitment to Brexit. on the part of the Conservative Party. Of course the Cabinet can include such as Theresa May, but the lead team must be Brexit. 

Nigel Farage should be immediately elevated to the Lords with other Brexit supporters to keep an eye on things.

All of the UKIP MEPs, past and present, should be honoured for their services to the nation on the recommendation of no less than seventeen million citizens.

The Conservatives should also prefer any willing ex UKIP MEPs for selection at constituency level to demonstrate to the nation their sincerity in protecting Brexit and independence.      

For stability, and to give Brexit time to succeed, Parliament should agree that General Elections will not be used to create division or to overturn the mandate and declared wish of the people for the foreseeable future.  

Nothing could be more inviting to the public than a Conservative and UKIP alliance to ensure the success of Britain, post Brexit. After all, the Conservatives gave the people the referendum and now it's their responsibility to make it succeed. 

This is the time for big minded people who are more concerned about democracy than their own importance.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Lord Haw Haw was hanged for far less than this.

I am not going to revisit all of the incidents during the Referendum when the anti Brexit media, particularly Sky and The BBC showed a total bias in favour of the status quo. 

Anyone who followed the campaign from the Brexit side couldn't fail to be dismayed by the treatment their leaders were suffering whilst their opposition was given such an easy ride. How many times did I have to point out that the 'fear factor' claims of Remain contained words like 'Could' 'May' and 'Predicted' then the media presented it as fact? 

'House prices could fall' means they could also rise too. That Brexit 'could cost every household £4900' which means they could be £4900 better off too? Possibility published as fact. Even the Governor of the Bank of England, was unfairly used to trot out his selection of coulds and maybes too.

What about Sky's Faisal Islam's rude, aggressive and disrespectful treatment of Michael Gove with constant interruptions during replies.
 And Gove beat him hands down, took his pants down before the whole nation and smacked his little bottom. Sky's clips excluded that and the rounds of applause for Gove turning his victory into a defeat according to Sky.

The times I complained to Sky's subjective little attack dog, or would that be bitch, Kay Burley for total bias and untruthful presentation of provable lies.
 She chaired the audience Q & A and I will never forget the nasty, noisy mouthy black woman, who was just allowed to keep on and on. It turns out she was a left wing campaigning media plant. And Kay herself pitching in against Gove too.    

One of the biggest examples of the vote changing mendacity among them all was, despite my pleas, to keep from the waverers, the victims of the fear tactics, the information that a vote to leave, didn't mean we would leave, we would only be empowering our politicians and our Parliament in the EU and mandating them. See it here. 

From the 25 May I was imploring them to tell the people the truth. To challenge the Remain Crew with it. But no they did not. 

They allowed Cameron to get away with threatening the Nation that a vote to leave was leave and he would take us out immediately. It wasn't and he hasn't. 

How many more would've voted Brexit had they'd been told that vote leave wasn't final and irrevocable?  How unforgivable is it, that media, who love us to watch their output and believe them, lied to us all on a matter of our Constitution and future? Can you ever trust them again?

But worse was to come. The ruling class of the Metropolitan Elite, who have been keeping the ordinary stand up salt of the earth Briton under the cudgel of Common Purpose, minority law, really believe that we love them; that we love what they have done to our country, yet after all their fixing, using the civil service at our expense to support Remain, taking advantage of the naive young voter, even illegally extending the registration deadline by forty eight  hours to allow more of the dilatory and unworthy into the voting box, after all the lies and threats, they lost. See Sky using ageism to skew the vote.

Having watched all of the lies, mendacity, threats, stunts and personal abuse, I knew immediately that these people wouldn't accept democracy; they had ruled us for too long to accept change. No way would they accept the democratic vote but do everything to bring it down, to cause chaos, to keep the issue going with bile, anger, obstruction and negativity. The day before the vote, I published this appeal and now the enemies of Britain I warned of are there for all to see. 

But what has shocked me was that The Media have been encouraging nasty, negative, anti democracy ever since then to stir up discontent, unrest, disaffection, and insurrection by continuing the debate and allowing angry bitter losers to foment fear and division. 

There was only ever one option for any pro British pro democracy person, politician, TV, radio station and newspaper and that is unity, to stand together and make it work. 

Lord Haw Haw wasn't as anti British or so effective at fostering fear uncertainty and dissent as our media have been and still are, and we hung him for treason. 

They want us to shipwreck before we've even left the dock. They clearly want this to fail. Well luckily for us they have now exposed themselves and their hatred for Britain and democracy. We are now well armed to distrust their words and their output for ever more. On the matter of Brexit we can safely smile at their efforts as we know what they are. 

So far as the BBC are concerned, Brexit wasn't just a vote about the EU, it was against the Common Purpose establishment, including in town halls, the police, and civil service. They and the Brexit mindset are simply not compatible. 

One of the first bastions of anti majority and anti democracy is the BBC. It must now act for the community it serves. Oh yes the bitchy, lefty, luvvies within it will get bad tempered and angry about toeing the line of the people, but they are angry, bitter Remainers already so no harm done. They had no concern for our young but on the contrary continue to put fear into them. On the 25th June I published this for their reassurance.

Our new government cannot just stop at taking us out of the EU, but must tackle the whole rotten edifice that got us there and kept us there in the first place. Anyone broadcasting here must have allegiance to our nation and its people from now on.

Personally I don't want to see Kay Burley or Faisal Islam any more.

Put this hopeless petition out of its misery. .

Formal request to the Petitions Committee to close the Petition.

The current Petition to overturn a parliamentary referendum is against democracy & should never have been allowed during a referendum for that reason. It is now being used to disrupt democracy and against the people. Since it demands a rule that cannot be retrospective in this case, all it will do is create false hope and then anger when it is rejected. That would be very damaging to the community. It would be better to take it down now. 

Of course a one option petition to reverse the referendum result will achieve millions of supporters since around sixteen  million dissenters expressed that in the proper referendum so it's simply bad losers repeating their case. Surely we are not going to undermine Parliament and its members by wasting their time on a foregone contrived conclusion that all of us can see through so clearly. 

For these reasons and to assist our nation to unite and work together to make their wish have the best chance, I ask that this divisive petition is closed now.  

Keith Peat

Sunday, 26 June 2016

A new referendum referendum?

Before I explain the silliness  of the latest petition to re run the referendum, lets go back to my appeal to The Queen to get a grip of her country because of Parliament no longer respecting democracy  Here

Well Mam what further evidence do you need when Parliament has set up a petition to get Parliament to consider cancelling a democratic  decision of your people.?

We already have much evidence of Civil Service bias throughout the campaign, and now they have condoned and published an invitation to rebellion. This attempt should have been refused as rabble rousing and on the basis that there can be no consideration of overturning democracy  but it wasn't. It makes no difference when the petition was posted or by whom. The objective remains the same. In this case, the petition contains rules which could not be applied retrospectively and is thus valueless for the latest Referendum. In view of this, it should be cancelled before more harm is done.

It must now be taken down, and the identifiable Civil Servants behind it sacked too. Will you now cause that to happen?

Now so far as this ridiculous petition. It's a one answer only petition which is 'Yes'. Why bother? We know that around 8 million people voted against leaving already! So we can expect at least 8 million to support this. Is your position that your Parliament is now so silly that they will give up time for such a contrived undemocratic stunt ?

Warn any MP  ,who even supports this petition, they will be suspended until they have been on one of your courses on democracy, respect and behavior.

But the first step in getting Parliament in line, is to get this petition removed and the perpetrators sacked. Just give it a try. 

So far as how we move forward from the EU?  Here is why we must ensure that no suspect Remain official is involved in our affairs at all. We can only go forward with people who believe in Britain and your people.

We cannot have disaffected agitators and Leaders, as Tim Farron of the Lib Dems is currently doing, trawling for party votes by promising eight million people he'll ditch democracy for them.  
We must now ensure stability by only allowing parties who will support the Referendum to stand at General Elections for the foreseeable future.  Mr Farron has shown that he is willing to ignore the will of the people and democracy just to gain electoral success. We must now protect our chosen course and remove it as an election option until it has been given a chance to work.

I have now formally requested that the Petition is closed.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Time for The Queen to Step In?

We have a head of State and Head of Parliament, our queen. 

See her powers here.

We love her and her family and rightly keep them in a status that we would all expect for a Head of State.

Since Oliver Cromwell, who had a very big well organised army and deposed the Monarchy with it thus making Parliament our central decision making power base - although even he had to sort them out by using his army to disband it and rule as regent for a while, ( setting a precedent I would suggest) - we have followed the tradition that we are governed by Parliament.

Her Majesty has been very sensitive about Parliamentary Precedence and has only ever advised her ministers. But is that good enough?

Surely if we are to keep a Monarchy, and they are to enjoy all the trappings of it, then there should be limits to what politicians are able to do. Monarchy should protect us and our country.

What should be the trigger to the Monarch stepping in? Well it's pretty simple really: Any proposition which, in Cromwell's day, amounted to a civil war issue or such divisive obstructive conduct by members, that Government is unable to peacefully fulfill the stated will of the people.

Can you recall the utter despair and distaste that most of us true Brits felt about the rude treatment that our Queen had to endure with dignity from the awful republican Cherie Blair? Yawning in her presence, refusing to curtsy and so on?   

Ok, no big deal for The Queen but for a republican, to set up a divide and rule devolution of the United Kingdom into four separate parts, is another matter. It being the kind of notion that any true Brit, like Cromwell, would have fought against and also the Queen's ancestors too. 

Divide and Rule is a well known tactic. 

How could splitting the nation into four be good for the nation, especially by a bloke who many of us saw as an evil force? Many would say that subsequent activity has tended to support initial impressions. 

Let's put it this way, if this had been put to the Nation by referendum, we would still be one nation.

What we do know for sure that has happened as a direct result of all this, is a divided weaker Britain and a loss of democracy at all four levels. Just look at the conduct of Nicola Sturgeon now. Wanting it both ways, accepting a UK referendum to leave the EU for Scotland and then not accepting the results. Why not just reject the referendum for Scotland in the first place? The same is happening with the republicans of Northern Ireland too. We have been taken over by an unruly rabble who's idea of democracy is to cause trouble till they get what they want.

What were The Queen's options with Blair? Well pretty simple really. It could've gone like this.

 'Now then tiny, puny ,Tony sit down and listen. What you're proposing will split our nation and I deem that too much. How big's your Army?' 

'Well mam, I have about six hundred squawking and chattering MPs like me, some soft civil servants  and a few thousand, loud, pasty faced rabble, like those who cause mayhem at fracking sites, fox hunts, animal research labs, defence sites, and basically, anywhere else that your people need or enjoy because they are fundamentally anti people people'  

'Well Mr Blair, I have the Army, the Airforce, The Navy, The Police, The Fire Brigade and virtually all the tough blokes who keep this country running. Now I will make you fight on this one Mr Blair if you wish to persist with this notion. Now tell me it's not such a good idea after all or you'll bed down in The Tower tonight'

God how the majority of her subjects would have enjoyed it! ........ But she didn't do it.

Last week, on the 23rd June, the nation was given a referendum on, no matter how the UK haters wanted to paint it, being ruled by our own Parliament. Her Parliament. For the first time in forty years, ordinary men and women were let out of their cages to express their wishes for their future. 

Despite the whole thing being loaded in favour of Remain, where people from Gibraltar and people who had abandoned the UK to live in Europe were allowed a vote, deadlines being changed so that the dilatory, who'd had months to register themselves, were given another forty eight hours, the young being scared witless with propaganda, £9000000 of public money spent on a government pamphlet and so on and despite all that, the people mam, your people mam voted to leave.   

So what should have been a very smooth transition, supported in unity in your Parliament, with the sole aim to make it work, and by using all the best options to do so, has been everything but that.

Instead, your Parliament has imploded. It's gone to hell in a hand basket. It's now in Limbo. And why? Because the kind of people who have been ruling us, like Tony Blair, do not accept democracy. They are now causing chaos within Parliament and outside. They are aided by like minded media. Media who should now be ignoring the nasty, bitter bad losers and helping us to move forward in unison and peace. In fact, unlike our wartime media, they are actually still favouring anti British anti democratic pro EU propaganda, fostering division and unrest among your people.

If ever we needed you we need you now. 
Close Parliament and set up a team of ministers to take us forward to our best advantage, and stop all the deliberately fomented incitement to unrest that's now happening so as to unite the nation.  
So it should remain until, all members of both Houses, have attended instructions on the primacy of democracy and pledged their allegiance to you and it. 

We are not yet a Republic so we should not tolerate any lack of respect to you,our systems and our people.

In the meantime we will need time to prepare before invoking article 50. Before that, we must have a pro Brexit Government with Pro Brexit ministers and Civil Servants. At the moment we are even too weak, divided, vulnerable and unprepared to carrying out the wishes of your people to their best advantage as they would all expect.

A message to the young.

Dear young people. Let me put your mind at rest about leaving the EU.

I am 76 and only have a short time to live so I can assure you my vote to remain wasn't for me it was for you.

I suppose you may think that my two sons at 50 are too old to have a say too, but they have, hopefully at least another twenty five years to live in this country. Unlike you however they did live before the EU and will tell you how good it was.

Can you imagine how painful it is for us, your own old people, that you are happy to place your life and future in the hands of lots of (warning nasty forbidden trigger word next) foreign old people in the EU that you don't even know and don't care for you so much as we do?

But why just rely on us? Ask your American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, young cousins how they are managing outside the EU? Ask them if they'd wish their country to be governed by by foreigners in Europe? Then ask yourself why you want your country ruled by European foreigners too?

Yes of course there's going to be uncertainty but what is happening now is a contrived chaos by nasty bitter undemocratic losers. They gave us a referendum and now because they don't like the result are disrupting Government and Parliament instead of uniting with Britons to make this work. It is they who are trying to destabilise democracy and so they're the real enemy of your future. See them here at work So these are the people that you should be angry with: Even more so because they are manipulating and exploiting you to overturn the wishes of the people.

What they are trying to do now, is to force us back into the hands of the very same foreign strangers who have no care for you, by leaving under EU rules against our best interests.

After forty years of paying our dues, we have earned the right to leave when we are good and ready and that may take a few years. 

When the Remainers demand that we leave right now, ask them why, as they didn't want to leave at all until the 23 June? Well I'll tell you why. They want us to fail, to crash, and one way to do that is to get us to jump out, unprepared, under EU rules.

Remember we didn't vote to leave under EU terms but on our own terms. Why would anyone, who's concerned for the UK, wish otherwise?  More on those people here

But the best thing for you, your kids and your country is to uphold democracy and for people of all ages and persuasions to unite and make it work. Only UK's enemies don't want that.

Keith Peat. 

Friday, 24 June 2016

Beware False Profits Bearing Gifts

There are two very serious issues that the UK public should be warned about and alerted to.

Make no mistake, article 50, the instrument that initiates the exit from the EU, is totally to the advantage of the EU where they dictate the term of exit and from the word go we cease to be a participating member of the EU. After two years we are slung out on their terms not ours.

It can only be invoked by a State serving notice that it wishes to leave. Unless EU break their own rules, they cannot start it. Yet some EU officials are already considering forcing it on us.

The British people did not vote to leave the EU on EU's terms but on British terms. What pro Britain, whether Remain or Brexit, would not want to go out on British terms?

So it would be totally against all our interests to start Article 50 until we are good and ready. With a proper Government in place committed to the stated will of the nation, with like minded ministers and civil servants too. We also need to create the business foundations, support and business base to operate outside the EU. It doesn't matter if it takes two, three, or five years to get that ready, in the context of the forty years of being in the EU, Britain deserves that much time. Only when ready should we invoke article 50.

Already, the EU are demanding our immediate resignation. and so indeed are some UK politicians and unions too. Either they are stupid, or so anti Britain, that to promote such an idea is tantamount to treason. One such is the Hull Labour MP Karl Turner. More on this anti driver thus anti community MP Here.  
Image result for anna eagle
Karl Turner MP. 

Don't let it happen Britain. For a start the longer we take, the better exit deal we will get from the EU.

But where are all the media political experts in this? Sky's Adam Boulton, & Faisal Islam for example. Those of the BBC and ITV too? Don't tell me they don't know all this. 

Image result for Tony Blair Evil Eyes ImageWell I have already exposed their complicit partisan stance throughout this campaign where they allowed you all to imagine that a vote to leave meant we leave and didn't once challenge David Cameron when he falsely threatened you with that too. Where they allowed him to change the actual registration deadline just to get more irresponsible dilatory supporters to help them out. Where Sky used ageism against our interests, Here just to remind you. And now, they still haven't got it. Lining up all the angry bitter Remains to revisit their arguments on us, like Anna Eagle, The so trustworthy John Major, who having betrayed his wife, we are supposed imagine would find it harder to betray the rest of us, and the republican, split the UK with devolution, Tony Blair of the dodgy dossier,   complete with his 'People's Princess' Oscar Pistorius sobbing glottal stop delivery too.  

Well wake up ITV and Sky.
 Get positive. Support what's best for Britain, condemn the angry, bitter bad losers loudly or we will just switch you off as anti British, dishonest, television. As for the left wing BBC, either support Britain or part of the next exit Government's agenda will be to have you closed down.  

A new administration must be committed to taking us out of the EU on our best terms no matter how long it takes and to ensure that all officials, at all levels, are fully behind the UK and its people. As it stands, there are too many civil servants still in situ who have aided and abetted one side. They must go. So too must any police leader who is not willing to wholeheartedly support and impose the will of the people on dissenters and trouble makers. The days of common purpose policing also ended with this vote and policing for the good of the community has begun; even if the NPCC hasn't realised it yet.

I am sure that the Brexit politicians are all aware of these threats and are already working on who they cannot trust, but just in case, I thought I better mention it.