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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Why won't Sky & BBC tell the truth. Brexit means Brexit?

Let's first look to see if the Referendum to leave the EU, Brexit for short, is final and unequivocal.

The Referendum to leave or stay in the EU was exactly that, no more, no less. See European Union The Referendum Act 2015 which went through all the required readings and stages in both houses, accepted by Parliament and given Royal assent. See the progress here.


The question that is to appear on the ballot papers is—
Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

Image result for E U Referendum Voting slip

That's pretty unequivocal. 

It did not specify 'with the ratification of 
Parliament' did it. Or 'that the result could be reversed by General Election'

Prior to the vote, Parliament and Government published this. 
 “The British people will then have the final and decisive say. “

Can you believe that Sky et al are now listening to Ex Pat Remain bleaters and other anti Brexit academics who think the 600  squawkers in Parliament are sovereign over The real Sovereign and her people? Who told them that for goodness sake?  See how the Queen could round em all up and put them in the Tower  

What is going on now is blatant insurrection against Parliament and The People, by parliamentarians no less, assisted by anti British media. See we hanged Haw Haw for less than this. 

Let's get this straight. All those working against Brexit are forcing a Civil War scenario. What is a Civil War scenario? 

Well as I have already discussed, little, puny, republican sympathiser Tony Blair, getting away with dividing this great nation into four separate ones was one example. 

Now to set up a Parliamentary Referendum, that cost millions, and went on for four months, without ever raising all these ifs and buts during the campaign, never once saying that to vote Brexit didn't really mean Brexit, that it all would be an illegal waste of time, (until after the vote to leave), is at best immoral and at its most extreme, deplorable rabble rousing and incitement to rebellion. 

See how these undemocratic lawyers are wasting our money to oppose us. 

Can you believe that the anti Brexit case seems based on the fact that the word Brexit has no meaning; 'just like what does widget mean?' postulated one professor to Sky. Oh c'mon you silly Prof. It is just short for saying or writing ' Referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union' which is quite a mouthful that would have added £millions of cost to the whole campaign. So for the dummies, the meaning of Brexit is just: Referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union or perhaps, more specifically, the vote to leave. Why can't Sky and BBC tell these fools there is no requirement to dissect the term Brexit; it's only shorthand.

Sky & BBC should be dismissing these types of people and supporting our nation and it's choice, Brexit.

We must protect our right to be free of the EU by standing up to them and demand that Her Majesty does too.
Enough of this behaviour.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Time to say goodbye

24th August 2016

Dear friends and supporters,

Since I was diagnosed with terminal cancer last November, I have been able, until now, to continue the mission to bring genuine, altruistic road safety policy to the UK for the benefit of our drivers.

The EU Referendum was a particularly busy four months because Brexit wasn’t just a rebellion against the EU, but against all the perceived ills and unfairness both here and in the EU.

But recently I have been struggling more and more every day and things have become harder for me. The latest prognosis is that my time frame is now very short. I will be going on to a drug which has some nasty side effects which would make it difficult to make rational and credible conclusions so the time has come to stand down.

I will keep two Tweet accounts running. @Bogtrotter1 my own personal account and @EastMidsDrivers  so anyone following @Driver_Hatred & @DriverUnion can follow me on one of those instead but I won’t be so active.

I will arrange for the two extensive sites, & to remain available as sources of reference and corroboration for anyone to use. The latter can be searched either via topic labels or the word search field. Both sites are matters of fact and corroboration so hopefully my work can go on with others even though I have stopped.

Media: These are the only fully corroborated and unchallenged alternative Questions against the Road Safety Industry. They are a good resource to challenge them on a totally fair basis with fair valid questions for a change. 

What happens next?

I have long come to the conclusion that the question of improving road safety and official attitudes towards drivers has gone far beyond reasonable dialogue, debate and persuasion. This is because we are up against a multi billion pound industry allied to official anti driver ideology which is manifest in the number of publicly funded anti driver  charities. All of it is run by the very same Green anti people AGW Industry with the same methods of false propaganda, the marginalising and ridicule of any opposition and the publicly financed lobby groups. To change all this, just like Brexit, we are going to need to motivate our 35 million affected drivers and their families.

But things are much worse than that. Probably best outlined in these two Blog posts. & What this means is that we will never achieve honest road safety and roads policy until we return our country back to its ordinary people and like minded officials. Brexit was merely a start.

Good luck everyone.

Keith Peat.

Tweeting exposes today's anti driver single issue lobby police.

There can be no better insight into police policy and thinking than when they expose themselves in un edited, uncontrolled Tweeting at all levels.

Because we now have a police service dominated by the UK Metropolitan Elite, See who is running the police. all police are now encouraged to communicate and be available to all media on a one to one basis, so that we now have police TV stars from all forces and police competing in their own top police Twitter awards. 

Now it may seem right to this new breed of management to market the police as if it is some sort of business and speak to the people at their level on their medium but it isn't. 

The police isn't a 'ya right on' popularity contest to be marketed like a business; it's there to do a nasty job. 'A policeman's lot is not a happy one' wasn't written as some figment of someone's imagination. 

As a result of this new unrepresentative police leadership, we now have police more interested in supporting illogical single issue lobby groups and minorities than the community as a whole. 

Not only is all this uncontrolled Tweety, Nicy, Selfy, silly piccie policing costing us all from the police budget and is certainly not policing but it exposes officers at all levels, not only revealing their mindset, but how silly they can be. That's why in The Real Police, see before all this happened, everything a commander published had been carefully vetted and considered and no-one else could say or write anything public without permission. 

It's from such Tweets that I found out about this minority single issue lobby group within the police that we are paying for. How can police claim they're hard up, then maintain divisive single issue police groups like LGBT? This is your modern happy clappy policing under the NPCC Basically, as I have published, see this is no country for Stale, Pale, Male and his wife

The modern police, under the current NPCC, are just a microcosm of how the UK is now run. Unfortunately, hidden behind most ideology is dishonesty too. It's really not about Left Wings and Right Wings, - that's just as contrived as other controlling myths such as 'Speed Kills' 'Living Streets' 'Sharing' 'It's 30 for a reason' - no there is only right and wrong about any issue. 

All  Left people have one thing in common, they are all still stuck in naive adolescence where unfortunately, no matter what their academic title, Doctor, or Professor, they are stuck in their unreal immature world but to reconcile their nonsense, they must lie and cheat and at some point label their critics with name calling and marginalisation. 

Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in policing and road safety issues. Against genuine and relevant road safety is the green anti driver ideologists, over promoted with public funding in far too many bogus charities and the mercenary profiteers feeding from them. See the vested interests here.  

But the worst of all is the  costly Traffic Policing Empire who are not only dishonest but actually operate against community interests.

No better example of police marketing themselves locally than working with local Nimby Speed Watch vigilantes, See more here  and see how police twist complaints of dangerous drivers to justify it here.

What the following tweets reveal is that police are more interested in impeding major roads infrastructure, against the needs of the community, than supporting road safety, The Community and drivers. They actively promote unneeded human and animal hazards in the road for pure recreation (Here in rural Lincolnshire, the only cyclists we see are out on a jolly) than genuine road safety. They also think that Tractors and agriculture are the only essential motorised road users who must be considered. Roads are not about a 'Pace of life'; all motor transport on the roads is there for essential reasons. 

What this series of tweets confirms is that we do have an anti driver anti genuine road safety Traffic Police Empire. 

Here you will see one high volume Tweeter, a costly Traffic Chief Inspector, revealing that one of his ambitions is to win a police tweeting award. Can you believe what traffic policing has come to? 

See Here's why we must disband the massive, self promoting, traffic police empire.  

So tractor drivers ignoring large tailbacks causing overtake dangers isn't driving without due care then?  Roads are not about a pace of life but about people trying to get things done..

At no time can traffic police tell us why we must have exposed people in the road. It's not like kiddies 'sharing', sweeties, cakes and footballs. See: Roads are major infrastructure not playgrounds. 

This tweet from the same Traffic Chief connects him to support of another divisive single issue police lobby group.

A classic example of not only police supporting unneeded hazards against drivers and road safety, but joining in the fun themselves. 

Horse riding on roads is now pure recreation and contrary to safety. Why do police promote it?

If the horse is nervous in traffic, why force it to be on the road? Wouldn't that be better advice from the Northants Police? 
Oh dear. This is what happens with uncontrolled police tweeting. 

See how we have been running Britain on the basis that all policy must be nice. 

Look all we want is police being police instead of tweeting and telling us how nice they are. Policing was never about being nice.  

Friday, 12 August 2016

Over-sized, costly, unneeded tunnel vision Traffic Police

Death on the road from all causes is about 1800-2500 per year after about 300,000,000,000 driver miles. Compared to:

From NHS Failing 17000  Seventeen thousand
 From Smoking 112000  One hundred and twelve thousand.  Do we jail tobacconists? 
Prostate Cancer 10000 Ten thousand 
Breast Cancer 12000   Twelve thousand 
From NHS Thirst over 30,000  Thirty thousand. 
& From accidents in the home 4000 four thousand.

There are more deaths from strangulation, more from hanging and more from self harm than from any cause on the road.

So, that being the case, why is there so much of the Police Budget devoted to harassing, oppressing and prosecuting drivers?   

Although accident investigation seems justified, in fact it isn't cost effective and achieves very little, if anything. See does it kill more than it saves? You will see that even a Traffic Chief Inspector has no idea what these very costly, time consuming and killer road closures achieve. 

Then of course none of the technical and very costly kit the police use, 'to save life' they tell us, is donated or even supplied just at cost. 

See for example the new Drug Driving Kits Since these were introduced, many thousands of police hours and driver time has been lost on a massive witch-hunt; bearing in mind that if the total road death was less than 2000, death solely by drug or drink driving can only be in the lower three figures. How many more lives could be saved if all this cost was in the NHS, A & E or Emergency services.

To have some idea of what The Police are spending money on, just take TISPOL for example. A European Association of Traffic Police, run from the UK of course.
 Here is an example of one of their costly, all expenses paid conventions,  where they all  reiterate and salivate over bogus stats, polls and myths, in their pious way, while quaffing in bars, stuffing their faces all at our expense. Ching Ching.

Remember this is about less than 2000 deaths a year after 300 billion miles. How on earth can The Police afford all this?

When a police department is allowed to run away with itself it has to be inevitably to the cost of the rest of the Service. That is why I raised all aspects of road policing with the NPCC Head of Road Policing Suzette Davenport, who has no special qualification in roads policing, with a view to getting the ladies of the NPCC to see sense. So far the NPCC seems not to be interested in road safety or cost effective policing either. See the letter here.

It's worrying that our livelihoods on matters road safety are in the hands of three women. The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd MP,
Sara Thornton
Chair of NPCC Sara Thornton, Chief Constable, and Suzette Davenport Chief Constable (Roads Policing)  If none of these three are experts in roads policing, then they and UK's 35 million drivers, on whom all society depends, are at the mercy of profiteers, charlatans and self interests. We have now established the fraud & dishonesty of today's road policing
Suzette Davenport

Who is going to start dismantling this massive police White Elephant, and replacing it with much smaller and genuine traffic police units, from local bases, who will treat drivers as an essential resource instead of an enemy of The State?

Monday, 8 August 2016

How does this dangerous anti driver cycling profiteer get away with it?

'I'm actually quite angry because I looked at the road furniture and thought nobody can crash here and get up. This was way past technical, this was dangerous.'  Chris Boardman, multi million pound profiteer of killer cycling's response to the horrific Rio Olympic road race cycling crash. See it here. 

This is a classic Cycle Lobby denial that, the concept of cycling, to be high off the ground, unprotected and travelling at speeds which are bound to cause injury and often death by crashing, is in any way to blame for anything. In this case it's all down to the organisers. How typical of him. See the Economist on this.

Here is the multi millionaire cycling profiteer, enjoying a 5 star jaunt to Rio, whilst still presumably mourning his recently killed mother who died from cycling, and possibly whilst riding one of his bikes too. So clearly people, dying from cycling, doesn't deter this man from promoting it, whilst his machines are still being sold in large numbers then. In the name of unnecessary road death and road safety, I did ask Chris to join with me to discourage this killer concept. But it seems that even the death of his mum, by cycling, isn't a strong enough reason for him to discourage road cycling. See the blog here. 

But it is in this story about Boardman riding without a helmet that his dangerous, unrealistic and irresponsible nature, to encourage people to do more cycling and buy more bikes, is revealed. 

He says: “[Helmets] discourage people from riding their bikes,” he said. “You are as safe riding your bike as you are walking.'

So traveling at four or five times the speed of walking, unable to stop instantly, on an unstable machine is just as safe?

And here is the typical Cycle Lobby denial by blaming others for their death and injury. 

"I won’t promote high vis and helmets; I won’t let the debate be drawn onto a topic that isn’t even in the top 10 things that will really keep people who want to cycle safe.”

It’s a bit like saying people are sniping at you going down this street, so put some body armour on.” -  He says. 
See more at:

The anti driver group BRAKE, seemed to reiterate Boardman's view here: 'Brake encourages cycle helmet use as an easy step to protect yourself from head injury in the event of a crash.
'However, cycling injuries can take many other forms, which is why the most important thing to focus on is making sure people on bikes aren’t being hit in the first place'

Read more:
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And here we have the syndrome: 'It doesn't matter how dead I am or how paraplegic I am so long as we can blame someone.' Come in through my Pearly Gates Mr Boardman' says St Peter. 'You didn't have to wear a helmet and you didn't have to ride a bike and you didn't even cause the accident and I am not going to stop you going into heaven for being silly. You are welcome'. 

There were only cyclists involved in the Rio crash Mr Boardman. No drivers. You are so keen on bike sales, that you say that cyclists, often at speeds faster than mopeds, are never going to crash into trees, parked cars, fall off and hit their heads on kerbs all on their own? 

How can anyone take this utterly self promoting dangerous man seriously when it comes to road and cycling safety? 

And yet a cycling sympathetic Select Committee, listened to Boardman & without any interrogation, recommended his demand for £10 per head per year from every man Jack of us. Nearly 3/4 £ billion, some £650,000,000 for road cycling from which he profits. How on Earth has this escaped comment? See the story of the meeting here.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

More selfish single issue minority lobbying

Image result for black lives matter Heathrow

Image result for black lives matter Heathrow
So right on top of my post about the universally selfish single issue lobbies who are wrecking our country, See it here , up pop this crowd, the day after a white woman was slaughtered by a black bloke,  closing down our society at great cost for some invented cause.

See the story Black Lives matter selfish lobbyists

Why on Earth did BBC TV even give this guy the oxygen of a long interview to justify this mayhem?

C'mon let's have SPAM in charge again ASAP.  Read about the men and women excluded from any say