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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

In a revolution the 'Old Guard' are usually first to go.

I have already made the point that Brexit was a vary rare event. A society, having been ruled and governed for many years by undemocratic elitists who have managed to ignore its central most important core, simply because they represent the majority, (  See how they did that here. ), by a dreadful mistake, allowed the ordinary people to make an important decision on UK's freedom and future and the result was a revolution against them. 

Poor David Cameron
 was given the chance to restore their Status Quo, but despite all the stunts, lies, terror factors, manipulation of events, he failed them and has now paid the price. 

Now the Elite are trying every trick to get the serfs back into their compounds. See the evidence here. 

There is currently a case against us, no expense spared, going through the High Courts to put all the power back into the hands of the Ruling Elite, including the ruling MPs, who hate democracy. 

Brexit was a peaceful and legal revolution, set up by the Whole Parliament
 on behalf of The Nation and the question was unequivocal and very clear. See that explained here. A legal challenge to it should not be allowed or tolerated. And yet here we are, with three Judges currently listening to a fallacious and subversive claim against our Leaders to prevent them complying with the instructions of the Nation with all the solemnity and seriousness that our bewigged elite can muster. Why? 

Well because this revolution was peaceful, the Elite, in all its forms, are being allowed to continue their subversive conduct as I have pointed out here. 

But in the French Revolution, all the Elite ruling class, their supporters and their judges were marched off to Madam Guillotine to prevent just such seditious conduct.  

Of course our unelected High Court judges
 cannot claim to be of the people; they're appointees of the Ruling Elite. Judges, acting for the people, wouldn't even allow this case against them to be heard at all, let alone give it traction as they are now doing.
Lord Thomas. Lord Chief Justics
 In effect, the People's Revolution has been handed to the very people it was against in the first place.  

Note:   'Thomas is one of the Founding Members of the European Law Institute, a non-profit organisation that conducts research, makes recommendations and provides practical guidance in the field of European legal development with a goal of enhancing the European legal integration.'  

Should Thomas' European interests exclude him from any part of this decision?

So when the Elite have been allowed to overturn democracy, what next? A proper people's revolution? Civil War? If minority single issue lobbies are allowed, unmolested, to take to the streets with their banners and loud mouths, and change our country to one we don't want too, (See here) what option would be left to over 17 million people? 

It is definitely long over due that The Queen
should now show why we keep her and her family in grandeur. She failed us with Devolution, See here. Does she really want a civil war and a real revolution this time?   Both she and Theresa May
 must protect democracy and the people. They would be given overwhelming support to do so.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Parliamentary Advisory Council Transport Safety. Don't they sound grand?

Although they sound very important and official, PACTs is nothing more than another self appointed tax relief quango and profitable roads safety charity that Parliament
 takes very seriously for some reason, even though they are really a lobby group for all sorts of road safety profiteers. Get  some idea of what we mean here And here you can see more of the bogus road safety profiteer vested interests too.

One major issue I have always raised in road safety is that it's the only life and death activity, with the addition of mass prosecution, where we allow every Tom Dick and Harry with no CV in the subject such a major say on it all. This opens the door for charlatans, profiteers and ideologists to run major infrastructure to the danger of the public and at massive disadvantage to the economy and community. 

There is no question that this is now how our roads are being run and as a result people are dying who shouldn't be, and many thousands of drivers are being oppressed, harassed and prosecuted who shouldn't be. 

We should have much more efficient and less costly road safety than we currently have and yet there are multi billions being wasted on anti driver ideology; most of which stops not one single accident. 

PACTS are very much the UK leaders in all this. 

They fail to acknowledge undoubted accident and casualty causes that would be cheap to address and yet promote profiteering from non accident causes.

They refuse to acknowledge that without all of UK's drivers, particularly the private car driver, our society and economy would collapse totally and that in their focus on low road casualties, many caused by a refusal to address causes, they ignore that drivers actually keep all 65 million of us alive. 

PACTS have dishonestly compared road casualties with their favoured Rail and Air casualties, ignoring that, unlike roads, planes and trains do not share paths with opposing traffic, animals, and humans mingled in. More importantly, they do not count casualties of road journeys specifically part of a rail or air journey as rail and air casualties. Rail and air journeys start from the home not just from a terminus.  

Here is some more on PACTS.

Now look at this sequence of PACTS Tweets to me on all this. 

So all the evidence, facts, research on these three massive sites is 'Paranoia' according to the bogus road safety profiteers exposed within.

These Tweets prove PACTS' attitude to fact and clear evidence provided on the basis of independent non vested interest expertise. Perhaps you may be able to get your MP to inquire into the activities and objectives of this group.  

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Illegality of challenging Brexit. The Courts must support the people & Parliament.

I am no lawyer but I can read law. In fact as a copper that's exactly what I had to do and apply it too. Because bad losers, vested interests (See more on them here) and anti Brits are trying every stunt to overturn Brexit, including via the courts, it's perfectly natural for me to look at their case and what they are challenging.

 Parliamentarians who claim they have supremacy over the people they represent are wrong for that very reason. 

It is now technically viable for the whole nation to vote on every issue, the ultimate democracy, and that there is now, technically, no longer any need for a Parliament at all. 

All Parliament provides, at the moment, is a system which, very vaguely and generally, represents the views of the people via their local representatives who are selected locally for their general views as most likely to suitably represent their constituents and from then on, expressing their preferences to persuade the largest number from their community to elect them on that basis. This is very crude, and because it's impossible for their manifestos to cover every issue, much of which is not even envisaged at election, we only have a vague idea of how our MP will interpret what we want. That there is a five year tenure based on this makes it even worse but it is the best we have for now.  

The whole nation voting is the supreme Parliament and if it were technically viable, any such vote is obviously supreme over a mere 650 MPs who are only there because, so far, there is no way we can have a national vote on all policy. However, on the very rare occasion when Parliament does ask the people via a controlled and constitutionally run Referendum, the people are The Supreme Parliament.  It's absolute nonsense for Parliament to set up a National Referendum, at great cost and time, set out the terms and then after all that, demand the right to reverse it or overrule it depending on the result. Any MP who imagines that is either too silly to be in Parliament or too undemocratic to be there in the first place. 

But notwithstanding the supremacy of The People, the legal situation, in my view, is also very simple. 

The only thing that can be challenged via the courts is The Referendum Act 2015. See it in all its simplicity here. 

It's not valid to challenge The Prime Minister or the Government for invoking Parliament's wishes. After several readings, in both Houses, the Act was passed by Parliament and received Royal Assent. Surely the time to challenge this was at the time of the Bill and before the Referendum was set up and the campaign was run? If our Courts are to be just, the case should be stopped immediately in the public interest and not even tolerated on the basis that the challenge should actually be against Parliament instead of the Government without appeal.  

The next part, also against the PM and Government, (their right to invoke Article 50, without any further consent), is also not of their making. See how A 50 works. 

A State, having decided to leave -and we have- in its own time and when ready, simply submits and invokes A50. It matters not who is in Government or in Number 10, the incumbent must do it and to the best advantage of The Nation. No-one in Parliament has the right to obstruct or deter that process against their own Parliament's Act. 

Of course, as all dissident, self interested, groups always do, invent an unreal 'Two Tribes' scenario, in this case, 'Hard' and 'Soft' Brexit is already upon us to confuse and blur a simple process, and we mustn't fall for that like we have always done in the past. See how the stunt has run and ruined our country already.  No. There is only the Brexit we voted for; our complete withdrawal from the EU.

Does all this make sense to you? Well if so, make sure that our Judges see it that way too or there's something wrong. 

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Broadcasters should either support the Nation , shut up, or be closed down.

Brexit, in effect, was a revolution against the Status Quo; a coup. 

Normally, in such situations, the first places the new regime head for, for obvious reasons, are the TV and Radio stations.

Throughout the Referendum Campaign there was no question about the hostility of Sky and BBC against Brexit 

and they certainly played a major part in promoting the anti Brexit scare tactics, and lies and also in blowing up a subjective attack on Nigel Farage et al too. 

They refused to kill the scare tactic of telling the Nation that Brexit means instant Brexit, which certainly scared many people from voting for it. Look here how I pointed out to them, from 25th May, that this was untrue yet they still allowed it to scare people

But their conduct since the vote has been nothing short of sedition and treachery against the British Nation and caused me to point out here, that Lord Haw did less to divide and unsettle the nation to be hanged for it. By the 25th June, the anti British anti democracy media activity was enough for me to say that The Queen should be lending a hand. In this blog I wrote:  To The Queen, 'They are aided by like minded media. Media who should now be ignoring the nasty, bitter bad losers and helping us to move forward in unison and peace. In fact, 'unlike our wartime media, they are actually still favouring anti British anti democratic pro EU propaganda, fostering division and unrest among your people.'

Yet here we are and these media companies are still being allowed unfettered access to The Queen's people and so they are even bolder in their misinformation.

Here is Sky with what can only be described as a piece of blatant and subjective propaganda, promoting the latest invention, 'Soft Brexit' to confuse and divide our nation.

See here how the invented 'Two Tribes' stunt has been employed to change our nation against the majority and against our best interests in the past.  And here it is being used by Sky. 

There can be no  suggestion of balance in this. One doesn't need a degree in auto suggestion to see how blatantly anti Brexit this is.   Most people love a dippy egg with soldiers to dip in them all invitingly laid around a breakfast plate while most see hard boiled eggs as a failure. But the hard version only contains negativity with the word 'No' at every point too. 

It's bad enough when Media are promoting anti Brexit comment against the Nation anyway, but to produce anti national propaganda without censure or control is just not tenable. 

Look up the word 'sedition' and deny that daily media content has not been less.


  1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
  2. any actionespecially in speech or writingpromoting such discontent orrebellion.
  3. Archaic. rebellious disorder.

If this Nation can stand up against the EU, Sky and the BBC should cause us no problems at all. 

The Queen and her Prime Minister
should tell them, in no uncertain terms, that they should either support and promote the will of the people or keep out of the Brexit debate altogether. But in fairness to her people, it's long overdue that the Queen must step in on what is an important constitutional moment in our history and to insist on Media loyalty and patriotism.  

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hard? Soft? Left? Right? Catholic? Protestant? Cyclist? Driver?

Well blow me down. No sooner had I told you all about the trick of inventing an irrelevant second option to create a 'them and us' 'two tribes' scenario to confuse the public and politicians on any given subject, now we're faced with 'Hard and soft' Brexit. See how the trick has already worked to reduce our nation to minority policy here.

There is no Hard or Soft Brexit. There is only Brexit where we have given our Prime Minister and our Parliament immense power- I did query here what true Brit MP could possibly object?-  

Yet here we are. Again a 'two tribes' scenario has been invented to muddy the waters and to give away all of the advantages and power that the UK has created for itself, to get exactly what we want. Why when we are in the Driving Seat? 

One bitter Remain Conservative, Alistair Burt MP,
Alistair Burt MP
 has just been entertained by Sky  -more interested in its USA friends and its free access to EU than for the UK it seems- and allowed Burt to speak utter hogwash to the nation about Brexit. 

He seems to think that firms like Nissan, with their vested interests are more important than the future and freedom of the UK. Neither he nor Sky point out that it's the EU that are insisting on open borders if we are to stay in EU's Single Market. It's the EU that's causing the problems with that, not us. 

Why do we need open borders and EU rules and governance to be able to trade with the EU any more than the USA, Canada, Australia, India, China and so on do? We simply don't. That's what gives us the upper hand in all this. So they charge us tariffs, then we charge them tariffs back. As we import more of their stuff than they ours, they will be the losers and we the winners. It can only be UK haters that abhor our strong position in this.  

People like Burt want us to show our hand prematurely to the opposition too. 'All these firms need to know ASAP' he says. Well next March isn't too long in the context of the re-birth of a nation is it? And from then the firms will have two years to decide their policy. But so far they have been bluffing. I challenge Nissan and Jaguar to move out now or just shut up and wait.

Then, like Tim Farron,
 leader of the Lib Dems, who clearly despises democracy, Burt has convinced himself that Theresa May must bring Brexit back to some Parliamentary vote. On what basis? That's not what they decided or included in the Referendum Act 2015. nor was it ever mentioned during the four month campaign either. 

In fact part of Cameron's fear tactic was, 'Let's not be under any misapprehension. Brexit means Brexit'. He even told us that if we voted for Brexit, Article 50 would be instigated immediately. Had it not been for those remarks, a lot more than 52% would've been happy to vote to leave the EU too.  So no. Article 50 must be submitted by a head of State and that's all. The people have told all MPs, of all parties, that is what must happen and to the best advantage of the UK too. Any MP who cannot take that should stand down. I wrote this on the 22nd June before the vote   Farron, Burt, and other like minded MPs need to show us that they accept its principles or be charged with being anti democratic and anti UK and stand down as parliamentary frauds. 

Theresa May must be resolute and not allow bogus arguments to blur the objective of the people. In fact she should be very tough with her own MPs who attempt to do so too. Brexit was clear and unequivocal.  

However, no matter whatever the issue, let's never allow this invented 'Two Tribes' modus operandi run our nation any more. 

When we compromise between right and wrong, minority lobbies and the real people, the outcome will never be the right outcome. Here are some examples of our country being run for irrelevant tribes on a compromise between right and wrong.

See how UK has changed. Is this how you like it?

And here's Sky using the newly invented 'Soft Brexit' in a blatant piece of auto suggestion propaganda